Stretch*d Ring


Our custom Stretch*d Ring is designed to assist the Chest Open*r Stretch and to build back flexibility.

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The Stretch*d Ring is used to assist the Chest Open*r stretch, for the pectoral muscles.

You can also use it to roll out your spine to stretch your back.

It is custom made for Stretch*d and is sturdy enough to hold up to 250lbs.

  • Cushioned support
  • Non-slip and gentle on the joints
  • Improves flexibility and helps with stretching
  • Releases back, chest and spine tension
  • Can be used as a “yoga ring” to assist yoga poses

Measurements: 5″W with a 12″ Diameter.

Additional information

Weight 40 oz
Dimensions 13.5 × 6 × 13.5 in