We teamed up with FP Movement to show you how to get loose pre-workout

This series targets areas commonly used in home workouts—the glutes, hamstrings, lower back and shoulders.

Gloating Glutes | Gluteals Stretch

  • The glutes are where we draw a lot of our power from and are responsible for a lot of explosive movements. Loosening them up is important for injury prevention and getting the most from your workout.

Swimm*rs | Shoulder Stretch

  • Swimm*rs targets a variety of muscle groups around the shoulder, at the same time as helping to lubricate the joint and prepare it for upper body exercises.

Double Knee Hugg*r | Hamstring & Lower Back

  • A great pre workout stretch (especially in the morning) because it’s a gentle way of lengthening the hamstrings, glutes and lower back all at once. You can even do it without getting out of bed…

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