Stretching is an effective way to relieve stress and tension. The very act of taking a moment to stretch brings our awareness out of our minds and into our bodies. Additionally, stretching helps induce a sense of calm by activating our parasympathetic nervous system, or the part of the nervous system that’s responsible for relaxation. No wonder it feels so good!

As you may also notice, stress often finds its way to our shoulders and neck. We may not even realize how much tension we carry until we start to stretch these areas out.

We suggest taking a moment each day to help get the mind off the day-to-day tasks, to get the blood flowing, and to tell the body that it’s time to relax.

Here is a series of stretches to help relieve stress:

Tension releasing stretches for stress relief

Yes, No, Maybe so | Neck Stretches
Scarecrow | Rotator Cuff Stretch Double Knee Huggr | Hamstrings, Glutes & Low Back Stretch
Toe Flexrs, Toe Extensrs | Foot Stretches
Finger Flexrs, Finger Spreadrs | Hand Stretches

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